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Serri Tech Solutions is an Innovative Startup Focused on reinventing solutions for Indian Education Space

Serri Mission

We believe the values we learn at school is beyond what digital can offer. Instead of disrupting, we want to helps our schools. To empower them.

I belong to a family of educators. I can feel the struggle to cope up with the tech lead world. We often criticise our education systems.

However, we don’t realise one thing. Our teachers or parents or principals aren’t to be blamed. They’re too victims of the system. They want the best for us. World-class education. Practical knowledge. Interactive Lessons. The best.

They have the motive. They just don’t have the access to right resources.

Serri is just an attempt to enable the system for the world-class education we all deserve.        

                                                   – Saad Jamal, Founder & CEO, Serri


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Core Team

Saad Jamal

Saad Jamal

Founder & CEO

A charismatic leader with loads of passion & laser sharp focus. Minimalist.



Cofounder & COO

A marketer & serial entrepreneur with a go-getter attitude.

Mohammad Wasil

Mohammad Wasil

Cofounder & Design Head

An excellent digital artist with a great taste of design.

Team Serri

A great workplace combines challenging problems with exceptional colleagues. 

We are very very selective of the people we let in. Team Serri has a perfect balance. Tons of enthusiasm, Decades of experience! Here, your growth depends on the value you add to our customers & users irrespective of your experiences or education.

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Rupak Shukla


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Shubham Agrawal

Web Development

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Neelesh Gupta

Frontend Development 

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Lakshay Grover

Tech Operations

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Nawaz Ali Khan


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Amit Dubey

App Development

Board of Advisors

Mr. Ankit Lal

Mr. Ankit Lal

Marketing & PR

Ankit Lak is Founder & CEO of Politique Advisors and Former IT & SM Head of AAP with 12 years of expertise.

Dr. Padma Devarajan

Dr. Padma Devarajan

Innovation & Outreach

 Dr. Devarajan is a renowned academician and Dean of Research & Innovation, ICT Mumbai with more than 3 decades of experience in academia.

Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhary

Prof. Ujjwal K. Chowdhary

Education & Business

Prof. U. Chowdhary is a seasoned media professional & Pro-Vice Chancellor, Adamas University  with more than 3 decades of experience in media & education.

Kunal Bhatia

Kunal Bhatia

Strategy & Product

Mr Kunal Bhatia is a professional with 15+ years of experience. Currently,  Business Head-ODC, Razorcorp. 

Awards & Recognition

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