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Serri is an innovative tech startup focused on reinventing solutions for education space.




Serri X WhatsApp

Serri’s excellent User experience & an aesthetic user interface is 10X better than anything in the market.

School is family







With Serri, you keep them connected with personalised dashboards for all.


SerriClass is a result of deep research & intense brainstorming.

We want to make administration easy. And, smart.

Our designs ensure that each & every task you need to accomplish, takes just 3 clicks. Sometimes 2.

Smart Attendance

Serri lets you understand these reasons & help your family

It all starts with attendance. No one is absent for no reason.

With Serri you can visualise & analyse attendance reports for students & staff across timelines in different views.

Intelligent Time table

When a teacher is absent, all students suffer. No more.

When someone is on leave, Serri allots that period to a backup teacher with an instant notification.

Backup Teachers are selected based on the subject, their availability & priority as set by you.

In case no one is available, Principal is notified in real-time.

Easy Appointments

The quality of education is inversely proportional to a number of students.


With Serri, students can take appointments to clear doubts, understand concepts or discuss problems.

Parents & teachers can connect more often & work closely for student’s better learning outcomes.

Virtual PTMs

Physical meetings are difficult to organise & less efficient.


Schedule & allot slots to parents in advance.

With Serri, parents save a ton of time & energy wasted in travelling.

Parents & teachers have a transparent communication as student’s reports are easily accessible via Serri Dashboards.

With proper personalised notes for each student make parents feel heard.

Collect fees, save costs!

All transactions should be made through digital mode.

-Chapter 6, 2018 CBSE Affiliation Bye-laws


With Serri, you can keep track of all fee payments & set smart reminders for due fee


We’ve partnered with India’s leading payment gateway to reduce commissions per transactions to 1.5% for you against the market standards of 2%.

With Serri, you can save 25% of your costs spend in digital payments!


School on your fingertips. Have fun:)

World’s first conversational product in education space.


SerriAssistant quickly answers your queries.

It also helps manage your appointments, check attendance, submit assignments & so much more.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, it’s personalised & keeps getting better & better with time.

Serri X Whatsapp

Why change when you can improve?

Imagine, all of this on your WhatsApp!

Message. Manage. Magic!

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Anytime. Anywhere.

Your School. Your Brand.

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