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We believe the values we learn at school is beyond what digital can offer. Instead of disrupting, Serri empower our education system to enable the world-class education we all deserve.

Serri isn’t just an awesome product but an ever evolving ecosystem.

It's Easy. It's Free. Forever!

GDC IIT Madras Serri

One of the 9 teams to be selected for I-NCUBATE program at GDC, IIT-M

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Recognised by DIPP, Government of India under Startup India Program

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Top 20 teams in Global Innovation Competition head judged by Steve Wozniak

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Top teams to qualify for National Innovation Competition 2020 finals (ongoing) by Ministry of Education


Why Serri?

No more adjusting to a fixed SaaS plan or over-spending on customised ERPs/LMSs.

Say No to complicated products. No to managing multiple products.

Serri enables personalisation at scale. You decide what you want & till when & for whom & everything.

Choose a base plan & customise it with your favourite plugins & mini-apps from SerriStore.  As simple as that:)

Exactly what

You Need.

SerriClass is the OS which takes care of all core operations for you.

 SerriStore is the place where you’ll find all types of plug-ins & mini-apps. 

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Live Lectures

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Secure Fees Management

024 ebook

Personal Mobile & Web App


Advance Time Table Planner

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Virtual Parent-Teacher Management

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Build Your School Into Brand

Message. Manage. Magic.

66% of schools in India prefer WhatsApp as a medium of online learning.

Why change when you can improve?

SerriAssistant quickly answers your queries. It makes school work as easy as chatting for you.

With Serri you don’t need to navigate through an app or Web App for every little thing. Just ask SerriAssistant .


Excellent User Experience

53% schools switch LMS because it’s hard to use.

Search ‘LMS’ and you’ll find social media flooded with complaints from students. 

At Serri, we have identified the most important academic & administrative requirements of a school. We help you get things done. Fast.

Serri is laser focused on giving an excellent User Experience, an Aesthetic User Interface and a Performance which is 10X better than anything in the market. 

Strong Customer Support

More than 36% of schools suffer due to poor customer support by LMS providers.

Customer Support is a luxury in current market.

With a hybrid model of AI Chatbot and Support Executives, we offer quick & reliable support at all times.

Serri Support Team trains schools during product delivery to make them efficient in Digital Education practices.

At Serri, every user has 24*7*365 access to customer support with SerriSupport.

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SerriClass is a product of, by & for the Educators.

Who can use Serri?

We believe Fundamentally Education is the same anywhere in the world.

Why is Serri absolutely free?

Every School should move Forward. Serri is for all.  

How will I start with Serri?

Sign up for a free trial. Upload your Data & start Serring.

I have another question, Whom do I ask?

Feel free to contact Saad, Founder & CEO via E-mail saad@serri.tech